Twilight of the Gods Poster

This is a poster design for the “Murder, Mystery” play, Twilight of The Gods being written and produced by Blackbird Theater.


The Rascal Flatts - Americana X

This is a design that I did for The Rascal Flatts, the jury is still out on this one so my hopes are that this will get printed.

Kid Rock - Detroit's First Son

Created this design for Kid Rock but I don’t think its going to print. I don’t know what the deal is lately. I may retool this into something that I can pitch to teefury. Stay tuned.

Skynyrd Gun on the Bible Design


These are designs that I came up with for the God and Guns tour. This was an interesting concept to work with The direction was to take God and Guns literal, and to push the envelope. I don’t think these designs made it to print?


This is a poster that I did for Lift up Nashville. This poster is currently available at for only $10. All proceeds will go to the Community Foundation Nashville Flood Relief.


I’ve been working on this design for a while. I’ve had different iterations of the design, but this should be the final. This design will be featured on Teefury in the coming month or so.


Design that I did for Sublime. I did a couple of different color variations. Unfortunately they didn’t go for it.